Retirement Planning, Life Insurance, Goals Based Planning

Retirement Planning


We will create a plan to help ensure that you don't outlive your money, avoids unnecessary tax, and helps your dreams become a reality.  You worked hard for your retirement, we will help those funds work hard for you.

Tax Analysis and Strategy


Save and distribute your money in a tax efficient manner.  Have a plan for Required Minimum Distributions (RMD), becoming a single filer, and any other pitfalls that may exist.

Life Insurance and Survivor Needs


What is life insurance and why do I need it?  We look at your situation and your goals and help find the right type and amount of coverage for your budget.  Interested in life insurance as an asset class?  We have tools for this as well.

Long-term Care Planning


Long-term care planning is becoming very popular these days.  If you or a loved one need care, the best time to create a plan is before it is needed.  We use an educational approach to help you create a plan that can preserve your assets and dignity.

Investment Management


Do your investment choices align with your short and long-term goals?  Are you positioned to take advantage of market upswings and limit risk on the down-turns?  Have us do a no cost portfolio review, and make sure that your portfolio not only aligns with your goals, but is tax-efficient.

Short-term Goals


What are your short-term goals?  Some of the most common answers to this question are debt reduction, buying a home, vacation planning, and emergency funds.  We will help you discover and create a plan to meet your goals.

Your Children's Future


Whether its helping your children with college, trade school, or other goals, we can help you find the right savings approach for your goal.  

Medicare Supplement


One of the biggest fears retirees face today is health care costs.  Through our educational approach, we help you find the Medicare supplemental coverage that is right for you.

Group Benefits


Offering benefits to employees can be a great attraction and retention tool.  It an also benefit the owner of the business.  Learn some simple benefits you can offer your employees and yourself that are affordable. 

Small Business Planning


 With over a decade of experience working with small business throughout the country, Theresa can help you create a structured and sustainable business that helps you achieve your goals.

Disability Income Insurance


If you were injured or sick and couldn't work, would you still need your paycheck?  The most valuable asset you have is your ability to work.  We will help you create a plan to ensure you have enough income even when you can't work due to illness or injury.